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KGR Vision/ Mission

KGR aspires to lead in empowering students, serving as a bridge to opportunities, and delivering transformative educational experiences that change lives and fortify the bonds of our shared humanity.

Our mission at KGR is to unlock access to premium, inclusive health coaching programs that break down barriers, amplify student achievement, cultivate a workforce skilled in global and multicultural practices, and enhance the well-being and quality of life for individuals everywhere.

What does KGR do?  

We offer training for national board certification to become a health and wellness coach, we offer tailored courses for companies/corporations wanting trained staff in corporate coaching techniques, we collaborate with colleges/universities, we offer NBHWC certifying exam review courses, and WE COACH!

At KGR, we are committed to all our students and clients.  You are valued here.  You matter and your contribution matters.  We will learn as much from you as you do from us.  So please, speak up, take up space here.  You will be treated with respect and dignity and loved for who you are.  

Online In-depth NBHWC Certified Health and Wellness Coaching Program Dedicated To Providing Quality Time and Individual Attention to Each Student

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Next Live Studio program begins August 27, 2024. 

Health Coach Certification


Seeking to become a certified health coach? Undoubtedly, acing the NBHWC exam is pivotal. At our Health & Wellness Academy, we don’t just offer courses; we ensure mastery. Specifically, our NBHWC exam review course is tailored for your success. Enroll in KGR’s comprehensive review, and you won’t just study; you’ll dominate. You’ll gain access to a 150-question practice exam, strategic test-taking methods, and a complete NBHWC study guide. Don’t just prepare; excel. Register today and secure your success in the NBHWC exam

WITH KGR Health & Wellness Academy, YOU BELONG.

Should you possess a fervent passion for health and wellness and aspire to transform it into a fulfilling career, KGR stands as your premier choice. Moreover, our NBHWC-accredited certification program isn’t just a pathway; it’s the definitive route to realize these ambitions. Through our intensive training, practical exposure, and guidance from seasoned professionals, you won’t just be prepared; you’ll be primed to guide your clients and students towards their wellness milestones.