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Frequently asked questions

Is KGR Health and Wellness Academy a National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) Approved Training Program?

Yes!  KGR’s rigorous program not only meets but exceeds NBHWC published standards for health and wellness coaching training and education.  As a KGR Health and Wellness Academy graduate, you qualify to sit for the NBHWC National Board Certification Exam. Upon passing the national exam, you will become a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC).

Why choose a NBHWC Approved Training Program? 

Health coaches who have successfully graduated from an NBHWC Approved Training Program qualify to sit for the NBHWC national exam. Only those who have completed their education from an accredited program will be eligible to become a nationally board certificated coach (NBC-HWC).

Why should I become a board certified coach (NBC-HWC)?

The National Board Certification credential (NBC-HWC)  represents the profession’s highest standard. The term “coach” brings a variety of interpretations and remains to be somewhat misunderstood.  NBC-HWC standards were developed by top professionals to ensure rigorous training and to create uniformity and standardization within the profession of health coaching. NBHWC works diligently to promote and advance the field of health coaching.  In addition, NBWHC provides numerous resources and collaborative opportunities for all NBC-HWC members.  Many employers of health and wellness coaches are now requiring this certification.  To learn more about becoming a nationally board certified coach visit 

What can I expect if I enroll in the Health Coach Certification program at KGR? 

Expect a fun and interactive experience each week! At KGR our motto is “Learning by Doing”.  We believe in the power of collaboration and we see first hand that the best way to become an exceptional coach is to practice hands-on coaching. Unlike many online programs, a large portion of our 16 weeks together will be spent engaging in live, one-on-one coaching sessions, as well as, regularly participating in class discussions centered around your coaching experiences.  

What is KGR’s stance concerning diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility and justice?

KGR not only welcomes DEIAJ, we intentionally include it as a part of our training.  In order to be the best coaches and train the best coaches we must continually work to uncover and overcome our own implicit biases.  Check out our DEIAJ page for more information.  

What makes KGR’s program different from other accredited programs?

At KGR, we are dedicated to working from a different online model.  We have extensive experience teaching this course fully in-person and recognize the tremendous value of in-person learning, particularly when practicing coaching skills. It became our mission to create KGR Health and Wellness Academy as a way to bring the “classroom” to an online platform.  Our model represents our vision of bringing the cohesiveness of in-person learning to a virtual platform. In addition you will observe over 30 coaching sessions, some live and some recorded.  You will learn to critique objectively and you will carry 3 clients during the course of this program, coaching for at least 17 sessions yourself!

How much does it cost to enroll in the coach certification course with KGR? 

Total cost of tuition for our Live Studio program is $2997.  We do offer scholarships, plus discounts for group registrations.  We also offer payment plans.  Be sure to join our mailing list to be included in potential early bird specials as well.    

What textbooks are required for KGR’s coach certification course?

Coaching Psychology Manual, Margaret Moore, et. al. (2nd Edition) and How to be a Health Coach, Meg Jordan (3rd Edition).  We also recommend Motivational Interviewing, Miller & Rollnick (4th Edition).  *Please feel free to purchase used books in these editions, or higher. 

Does KGR offer scholarships?

YES!  Accessibility is a top priority of KGR.  Scholarships are available for $500 each.  If you are interested in applying for one of our scholarships, complete the online form here:  

Do I have the option of a payment plan?

KGR offers payment options through our learning management system (LMS), Teachable, and we accept most major credit cards.  We do not charge extra for a payment plan.  If you need other payment plan options besides what is shown in our LMS, please contact Daffie Garris at [email protected].  She will set up an arrangement with you that fits your financial needs.  We have Paypal, Venmo, ACH, Wave, and others.  Just ask!  It is our goal to never turn down a student due to financial constraints. 

What other programs does KGR offer?

KGR offers corporate coaching for organizations who would like to add health and wellness coaching as an employee benefit.  KGR offers private cohorts of instruction for hospitals, clinical laboratories, doctor’s offices, other allied health programs, social work and other agencies needing or wanting trained employees or staff.  KGR also offers NBHWC Exam preparationIf you and/or your agency is interested in any of these programs please reach out to KGR via phone 984-364-9513 OR email us at [email protected].  

How can KGR help me prepare for the exam? 

Already completed your health coach training and plan to sit for the NBHWC exam? Enroll in our NBHWC Certifying Exam Review Course.  KGR has developed a comprehensive exam prep course fit for anyone’s needs.  We offer a variety of test prep options including: Complete study guide of all NBHWC competencies, including references, review videos of important components, 150 question practice exam, test taking strategies, and access to NBHWC Certified KGR instructors.  To learn more visit our Exam Review Page.