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For Medical Practitioners: Health Coaching and Your Patient

As a medical practitoner, you play a vital role in prevention, early intervention and management of chronic disease within our community.  It is well known that chronic conditions such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes are at an all time high nationally.  Your role as a health care provider is a critical step in your patient’s journey to improved health.  Research indicates that in addition to education and treatment plans, patients also need to be supported in their behavioral change techniques when navigating lifestyle change.  Knowledge is power, yet so often patients become “stuck” with what to do next, which often leads to no change at all.  Studies continue to demonstrate significant improvement in health outcomes when patients partner with a health coach.  Health coaches take your medical recommendations and work side by side with patients to develop action plans that foster positive behavior change allowing patients to move in a positive direction toward improved health outcomes.  

What is Health Coaching?

Keystone for Behavior Change:

Health coaching serves as a keystone for ensuring that important behavior changes are not just temporary adjustments but become integral parts of a person’s daily routine. This is crucial, especially when the goal is to protect and promote health.

Evidence-Based Approach:

The mention of an evidence-based approach highlights the importance of using scientifically validated methods and strategies. This ensures that the guidance provided by health coaches is grounded in proven methodologies, increasing the likelihood of success.

Holistic Approach:

The holistic approach emphasizes the consideration of the individual as a whole entity. This means looking beyond specific illnesses or health concerns and addressing various aspects of a person’s life, including nutrition, behavior, physical activity, mental health, and overall quality of life.

Client-Centered Approach:

The client-centered approach is a fundamental aspect of health coaching. It recognizes that the client is the expert in their own life and well-being. Health coaches work collaboratively with clients, empowering them to set their own goals, engage in self-discovery, and actively participate in the learning and change processes.

Self-Discovery and Active Learning:

Health coaches guide clients in self-discovery and active learning processes. This involves helping individuals understand their own motivations, barriers, and strengths. By actively involving clients in their journey, coaches promote a sense of ownership and commitment to the change process.

Self-Monitoring for Accountability:

The emphasis on self-monitoring behaviors underscores the role of personal accountability. Health coaches assist clients in tracking their progress, which enhances accountability and motivation. This self-monitoring approach encourages individuals to take an active role in their health.

Empowerment and Path to Change:

Rather than dictating what clients should or shouldn’t do, health coaches empower individuals to discover their own power and path to change. This approach is more likely to result in sustainable behavior modifications because clients are actively engaged in the decision-making process.

Research indicates patients are more likely to utilize health coaching when recommended by their physician.  The collaboration between patient, physician and health coach is a major step in the right direction in reducing chronic disease in our community. 


KGR Health Coaching takes an integrative approach to behavior change and focuses on your patient’s individual needs.  Through mutual collaboration, realistic action steps are created, centered around your medical recommendations.  Coaching sessions are conducted in person or via video conferencing.  KGR Health Coaching currently serves all ages and also conducts group coaching for populations with similar health concerns.  When patients are struggling to implement medical recommendations, health coaching with KGR is an effective next step to increasing compliance and positive outcomes.  


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