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Certification Course Begins August 27th

Course Information


  1. What is the duration of the KGR Health and Wellness Coaching certification program?

    • The certification program is designed to be completed in 16 weeks.
  2. How frequently are the classes conducted during the certification program?

    • Once per week. The program includes a total of 17 live sessions, which are part of three full rounds of coaching.
  3. What are the eligibility requirements to sit for the NBHWC board exam?

    • Eligibility for the board exam requires completion of an NBHWC Approved Training Program. These programs are reviewed and approved based on various competencies, including contact time with students and practical skills development.
  4. If I completed a training program some years ago, am I still eligible for the board exam?

    • You can verify your training program’s approval and start date to determine eligibility. If it has been more than 18 months since completion, contact your program to ensure you have the correct proof of completion form.
  5. Do I need to complete an NBHWC Approved Training Program if I already have an advanced degree, license, or experience in the field?

    • Yes, becoming board certified requires completing an NBHWC Approved Training Program, regardless of other qualifications or experience. There are no exceptions to this eligibility requirement.
  6. When can I start my NBHWC Coaching Log?

    • Your personal coaching log can start only after you successfully complete an NBHWC Approved Program, which includes passing a Practical Skills Assessment. The start date for logging sessions will vary by training program.