Our comprehensive exam review course is designed to support health coaches who have completed their coursework from an NBHWC Approved Training Program and who are interested in sitting for the NBHWC exam. Our course thoroughly covers all NBHWC content areas and is designed to provide coaches with the resources and support they need to feel confident and well-prepared on exam day.  Our course design encompasses multiple layers of support, which can be purchased as a package, or a la carte, to provide flexibility in accommodating the level of support that best fits your needs.  

Multiple Levels of Support
Chose as little or as much KGR support depending on your current exam preparation needs

Available Support

When creating our NBHWC Exam Preparation course, it was important for us to implement flexibility.  Every health coach will have different needs leading up to taking the certifying exam.  Each of our KGR offerings are available individually or you can be fully supported by purchasing them all as a package. 

Comprehensive Practice Exam

  • 150 question exam
  • Extensively covers all four NBHWC content areas
  • Question design closely mimics NBWHC question format and structure
  • Take the exam as many times as you like during course enrollment
  • Live follow up Q & A with course instructors

Test Taking Strategies

Passing the NBHWC exam requires more than just knowledge of the material. You also need to know how to take the test effectively. Our NBHWC exam review course includes test-taking tips and strategies to help you approach the exam with confidence. You’ll learn how to manage your time, read questions carefully and identify the most likely answer choices. In addition, we’ll cover all the basics on what to expect on test day, including successfully navigating your testing site. With these strategies, you’ll be well-equipped to take the NBHWC exam with confidence and ease.

Complete Study Guide

  • Fully completed NBCHWC Study Guide
  • Health and Wellness Hyperlinks for easy access to recommended content 
  • Book references for each content area
  • In depth coverage of NBHWC Coaching Competences that will serve you well beyond taking the exam

Live Exam Prep Instructor Q&A

Join each of the KGR instructors in a live Zoom meeting to discuss the NBHWC certifying exam.  Bring any and all questions you might have leading up to the exam.  We are also happy to discuss any content areas you would like to brush up on.  Exam prep Q&As are scheduled quarterly and are centered around the NBHWC exam schedule.  

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